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The Department of Psychiatry at Medicity Hospital deals with the myriad problems of mental health. The disorders of the mind can be classified as affective, cognitive, behavioural and perceptual. Besides stress therapy, psychiatric disorders such as depression due to chronic and terminal illness are treated here.

Treatment is provided in the form of psychotherapy, relaxation therapy and medication. If left untreated, these disorders can become complicated and can adversely affect social behaviour and interpersonal relationships in patients. Special emphasis is laid on detailed medical, emotional and psychological evaluation before the start of treatment.

There are various treatments provided :-

  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Coping difficulties of patients with chronic physical illness.
  • Alcohol or other substance dependence.
  • Child and adolescence problems.

Q.   When do I know my problems are severe enough to see someone?

A.   People may have trouble sleeping, may feel more irritable, or begin to have difficulty in their jobs and relationships.