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General Internal Medicine

The Department of General Medicine at the Kharghar Medicity Hospital offers an array of services ranging from treating simple and seasonal fevers to complicated clinical conditions that require consolidated attention and referral to the appropriate specialty or super-specialty, as required. Routine tests including total blood cell count, urine and stool examination, blood sugar test, pregnancy test, malaria test, dengue test, etc. are also available on urgent basis, facilitating quick diagnosis and timely treatment of ailments in a well-managed health care system. All laboratories are manned by highly qualified personnel.

Our services are open for most part of the day with a large number of dedicated on-call doctors. Our department boasts of state-of-the-art facilities and world-class equipment for patients who require admittance. There are special provisions for emergency situations. Our medical assistance is evidence-based and handled with the outmost care by our doctors's team that have significant experience in managing complicated cases and complex multi-organ medical issues.

We first offer a consultation by competent doctors, followed by meeting with the specialist doctor and further recommendation. The consultation is complete with suggestions for the diagnosis and treatment course for your conditions along with the necessary measures to be taken with respect to lifestyle, as often our lifestyles dictate our medical health. We also conduct blood donation drives, immunization, vaccination, and pediatric and geriatric health management programs in association with physicians and counselors.Our outpatient, inpatient, and intensive care unit services are attended to by experienced and skilled staff and nurses. We also offer integrated health checkup plans, especially for senior citizens, diabetic patients, pregnant women, as well as for special employment purposes.

Some of our services include :

  • Pathological testing.
  • Biochemical testing.
  • Consultation.
  • Diagnostic Services.

Q.   What is the role of the general internist in the patient's healthcare team?

A.   A general internist is able to diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of illnesses that adults suffer from.