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General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery is a full-fledged healthcare facility providing complete evaluation, diagnosis, and surgical treatment for a wide variety of disorders. The department uses an integrated approach to deliver superb care and compassion.

All general surgeons are trained in emergency surgery. Bleeding, infections, bowel obstructions and organ perforations are the main problems they deal with.

The breadth of surgical services includes hepatobiliary, transplant, surgical oncology and general surgery procedures. Moreover, the staff works closely with other medical specialties to provide optimal patient care. This department gave rise to the departments of neurosurgery, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, bariatric surgery, endocrine surgery, urology, surgical gastroenterology and paediatric surgery

Q.   What are the possible risks and complications of undergoing a surgery?

A.   Surgery is almost always associated with certain risks. That is why it is important to compare the benefits of the surgery against its risks.

Q.   Should I discontinue taking my medications prior to surgery?

A.   Follow the surgeon's indications regarding what you need to do about your medications.