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Treadmill Test (TMT)

A stress test is one way to determine fitness and capability. The tests can take place on a stationary cycle or on a treadmill. Stress tests also check to determine if the flow of blood to the patients heart is adequate when heart rate activity goes up. If a patient is on medication for a heart problem that occurred previously, a treadmill test can be used to evaluate how effective the heart medication is.

Before a patient start the treadmill test, a technician will use an ECG test to determine the heart rate at rest before asking the patient to exercise for a treadmill stress test. The patient then begins by walking on a treadmill which leads to jogging then running. Sweating, heart rate and breathing rate will all go up as it gets harder. If a patient feels dizzy, experiences arm or jaw pain, shortness of breath, light headedness or any other symptoms, the patient is expected to inform the lab technician about what is going on.