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General Pathology Lab Test

Pathology is a medical specialty that determines the cause and nature of diseases by examining and testing body tissues (from biopsies and pap smears) and bodily fluids (from samples including blood and urine). The results from these pathology tests help doctors diagnose and treat patients correctly. From then on we rely on blood tests, biopsies and a multitude of other pathology tests to prevent, diagnose and treat infections, allergies chronic diseases, cancers and countless other medical conditions.

When it comes to pathology blood tests, the Complete blood count is one of the foremost medical practices and is very often considered to be the starting point for most medical investigations. The complete blood count takes into consideration the levels of all constituents of the blood- the red blood cells, the white blood cells and the platelets. Not only are the numbers counted but their proportions as well as overall hemoglobin levels are also measured in this test.

The pathology test results are also used during a surgical procedure in order to help the surgeon make some decisions regarding the best method of operation. The tissue may also be analyzed and reanalyzed over the next few days as the medical team observes the changes in the body through the recovery process and ensure that everything is as it should be.

Pathologists usually work in tandem with surgeons and play a critical role in the identification of the tissue removed during the process of a surgery – particularly in cases when there is a tumor suspected.

Pathologists are able to analyze a sample of tissue, whilst the surgery is still being conducted and advise the surgeon on the findings. This instant diagnosis is of great assistance to the surgeon as it helps in determining the next step in the surgical treatment of the patient. The tissue is analyzed over the next few days after the surgery in order to accurately diagnose the spread and the prognosis of the ailment.